If your child is struggling with math and could use math help, CyberEd Tutors will deliver results. Students that receive math tutoring typically see up to two times more growth in math scores than their peers. Your son or daughter will master the skills to get back on track and build confidence and self-esteem. And all of that leads to bigger success in the classroom, during homework time and in life.


Emotional Intelligence is the science and practice of good emotional awareness and self-management. Successfully applied, it accounts for greater success than intellectual capabilities. Emotional intelligence tutoring builds personal skills by demonstrating what good looks like both practically and on an emotional level. It brings together tried and tested techniques within the construct of emotional intelligence.


Science is an intensive, data driven subject that employs logic and mathematic formulas. While some students make it through science class with relative ease, other students may need extra science help and tutoring will support that need. CyberEd Tutor’s science tutoring programs offer an individualized approach to learning science.


On any given day, you will find students hard at work in a variety of study involving tech literacy. In the CyberEd Tutor’s Tech tutoring program, students are led through targeted tutorials and instructions on how to leverage the most commonly used technologies to succeed and education and learning.


CyberEd Tutor’s language tutoring’s overarching goal is to foster inclusive language and culture-based teaching and learning practices among language students. Our aim is for students to develop a deeper understanding of course content that generate greater student confidence to succeed in their study of written and spoken language.

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